Church Growth from an African American Perspective



Renowned for preaching and the growth of his church, Cathedral International, from 125 members to over 7,000 today, Bishop Donald Hilliard shows church leaders how to grow spiritually healthy congregations. He begins by offering an understanding of healthy church growth, defines the mega-church phenomenon, and alerts leaders to the need to be aware of healthy vs. unhealthy church growth. In his section on having the right foundation, issues such as vision, the centrality of Christ, biblical preaching, the priority of holy living, sound doctrine, being people-oriented rather than program-oriented, the importance of tithing, and good Christian education are lifted up and discussed as tools. Hilliard pinpoints the signs leaders should look for in knowing their churches are growing in a healthy manner, and includes a discussion of satellite, extension churches and new church plants as signs of healthy growth. Prophetic preaching of the


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