Journal Your Journey: This Too Shall Pass



This book is designed to be a tool to provide readers with an opportunity to reflect upon their personal choices, behaviors and decisions and its connection to the written scriptures and biblical teachings. Generally our choices and behaviors are a matter of routine and habit. We go through life without taking the time to reflect on why we make certain choices and more importantly, how to redirect our thinking so that it has a different impact on our behaviors. By maintaining a journal we can see the interconnectedness of our past experiences and its influence on how we deal with those issues that impact these personal experiences and connection with the written doctrine. The author, a life strategist is clear, poignant and direct. This Devotional is a spiritual, self help tool. Each journal entry is designed to be reflective. It is non- judgmental, thought provoking and inspirational. The book is divided into 6 chapters based on the most relevant issues in spiritual growth and renewal: Direction, Faith, Trouble, Hope, Finances, and Relationships.


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