Faith in the Face of Fear, A Call to Courage in the Time of Trouble


By: Dr. Hillard

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The 9-11 terrorist attacks brought America to its knees. But 10 years later, dangers to our national security still exist. Here’s a call to courage–and faith–in a time of national and global trouble.

The September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon shook America to its core. Images of planes crashing, buildings collapsing, and falling bodies will be forever etched into our national consciousness. Terrorists killed 3,000 of our brightest and best, and attacked the symbols of our prosperity and military strength. America’s very soul was wounded! The herioc operation that brought Osama bin Laden to justice brought a close to the story and the danger—or did it?

As you will learn in this newly expanded 10th anniversary edition of Faith in the Face of Fear, the threats and dangers have not subsided. Indeed they have increased with waves of economic and natural disasters added to ongoing terrorist and geopolitical threats. What is America to do?

“Bishop Hilliard has prophetically summoned us to an embrace of God that is commensurate with the spiritual passion we possessed during the aftermath of 9/11.”
—DeForest B. Soaries Jr., Sr. Pastor, First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens

“Faith in the Face of Fear not only addresses the traumatic season of problems, issues, and calamities that this nation faces, but also (thank the Lord) the solutions!” —Dr. Wanda A. Davis, Wanda Davis-Turner Ministries, Atlanta, GA

“A must read for everyone interested in surviving life in crisis!”
—Lawrence Powell, Senior Pastor, Agape Family Worship Center, Rahway, NJ

“If you have room in your library for only one book on fear—both facing your fears and outfacing them—this should be it.” —Leonard Sweet, best-selling author

“If you or someone you know needs a high octane dose of faith and fearlessness, then this book is for you and them.” —Dr. Samuel Chand, leadership guru, Atlanta, GA

“You will find in Bishop Hilliard’s years of experience in fighting faith wars, that he is well able to be a voice as one life’s example of having courage in the face of fear.” —Terrell Turner, Word In Motion Ministries, Inc., Atlanta, GA

Bishop Hilliard serves as the senior pastor of Cathedral International (Historic Second Baptist Church) in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. He is a devoted husband and father. His ministry is not limited to the pulpit, but he is also the author of nine books and an accomplished artist and painter. The cover of this book features one of his original paintings.


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